Hi, I’m Lauren. I’m a writer, author, and mentor for Alzheimer’s daughters. I share stories from my experience with my mom’s Alzheimer’s to help and inspire you on your own journey. Thanks for visiting!

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I See You, Alzheimer’s Daughter

I see you, Alzheimer’s Daughter, trying to smile through the pain. I know how much it hurts. You feel as if both of your parents have just disappeared, vanished into some other world. Alzheimer’s World. They are gone forever. Only…

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How to Love an Alzheimer’s Daughter

My husband recently told me that he doesn’t remember what I was like before my mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I guess that’s fair. We only started dating one year before I started noticing changes in my mom and only…

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Hi, I’m Lauren Dykovitz. My mom was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s when I was only 25 years old. Although my mom’s journey ended in 2020, I am committed to helping others who are still going through it.

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