The Story You Are Living Is Bigger Than You Know

“Do you think my book is good enough?”

I’m sure my husband is so tired of me asking him that question.

Now that all of the words have been written and edited and formatted into an actual book, I’m freaking out. I’m terrified that it isn’t good enough. I keep thinking of stories I didn’t tell or points I may not have gotten across. I keep thinking of more things I should have said or lessons I should have shared.

But the thing is that this journey lasts for so long and it encompasses so much. It is so big and impactful and significant. It is life-changing and soul-altering. It is ten thousand lifetimes of lessons and memories all rolled into a few short years, which somehow are also the longest years of your life.

It’s a lot.

Too much for one book.

Maybe even too much for two books.

I’ll probably continue to bug the crap out of my husband. I’ll probably continue to question whether or not my book is good enough. And I’ll probably continue to worry that people will be disappointed when they read it.

But I know I’ll definitely continue to write.

Because there’s still so much left to be said.

All of this to say that this story you are living right now—this journey you are currently on—is deeper, more profound, and more meaningful than you will ever be able to put into words. Trust me, I’ve tried.

Right now, you may only feel the weight of its burden rather than the weight of its significance, but one day you will look back and realize everything you have learned from this experience. And it’s more than anyone could ever read in a book.

So as much as I want you all to read my story, it is infinitely more important for you to live yours.

The story you are living is bigger than you know.

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