Mentoring for Alzheimer’s Daughters

Do you have a parent with Alzheimer’s or dementia?

Do you constantly feel guilty for never doing enough or spending enough time with your parent?

Do you struggle with grieving the loss of your parent even though they are still alive?

Are you tired of feeling misunderstood—or even judged—by people who just don’t get it?

Are you tired of feeling alone on this journey?

I’m here to help!

Hi! My name is Lauren Dykovitz. I’m a writer, author, and the creator of the Life, Love, and Alzheimer’s blog. I’m also a mentor for Alzheimer’s daughters.

My mom, Jerie, was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s at the age of 62 when I was only 25 years old. She passed away on April 4, 2020 after a 10-year battle with the disease.

During our Alzheimer’s journey, I struggled with all of the things I mentioned above, plus so much more. I gained a lot of knowledge and insight from my experience.

It’s crazy to think about how much I went through in just those 10 years!

  • planning my wedding without my mom
  • leaving my job to become a caregiver
  • moving states away to support my husband’s career
  • managing friendships, marriage, and other relationships
  • dealing with depression and hopelessness
  • navigating guilt, grief, anger, resentment, and feeling helpless
  • losing myself to my mom’s Alzheimer’s

Through it all, I managed to shift my focus from what I had lost to what I still had. I made it my mission to bring my mom moments of joy. And I can honestly say, I have no regrets.

As hard as it all was, I believe that I had to go through what I went through in order to be able to help you today.

Are you ready to finally feel seen, heard, and understood?

Are you ready to stop beating yourself up for not doing enough?

Are you ready to stop resenting your friends and family members for not understanding what you’re going through?

Are you ready to actually enjoy spending time with your parent who has Alzheimer’s?

Schedule a mentoring session with me today!

What I Do:

I help women cope with the emotions of having a parent with Alzheimer’s or dementia by providing one-on-one mentoring sessions. I also help women cope with their grief after losing a parent to Alzheimer’s or dementia.

I will help you process what you are going through and your feelings about it. I will help you find ways to manage your guilt, grief, anger, and resentment. I will make you feel seen, heard, and validated as an Alzheimer’s daughter. I will provide you with a safe, judgment-free space to let it all out so that you can let go of the resentment you have for the other people in your life who may not understand what you are going through. I will teach you how to enjoy spending time with your parent again. I will help make this journey just a little bit easier for you and make you feel less alone. My goal is to save you from years of endless suffering by teaching you what I learned in over a decade of being an Alzheimer’s daughter.

You can read more about my experience and why I do this here.

How It Works:

Once you purchase a session, you will receive a confirmation email with the link to schedule your session via Calendly. Once you schedule your session, you will receive a second confirmation email with the link to our scheduled Zoom meeting. You should receive both emails right away so please check your junk or spam box if you do not see them in your inbox.

All sessions are one hour. All sessions will be done via Zoom in the comfort of your own home. Please feel free to come as you are! There is no need to dress to impress! I will likely be in gym clothes or pajamas. I want you to be comfortable, like you are chatting with an old girlfriend.

You are able to cancel or reschedule a session via the Calendly link, if needed. If you do not see a date/time that works for you or if you would like to schedule a free 15-minute conversation to see if it’s a good fit before buying a session, please email me at

Are you ready to change your journey with Alzheimer’s?

It’s time.

Let me help you.

Schedule a session today!

One 1:1 Mentoring Session: $75

Three 1:1 Mentoring Sessions: $210