Testimonials for the Alzheimer’s Daughters Club

“I love ADC  – it has been my lifeline in recent months. I am finding such relief in knowing that I am not alone in this sad journey and I have a place to share my feelings in a non-judgmental and super supportive atmosphere. Lauren has really helped with sharing her experiences, writing, providing a structured platform to talk and sharing beautiful lessons in gratitude. I cannot say enough how grateful I am to be a part of this loving group.”

Rachel S.

“I love that I’m able to share the good, the bad, and the ugly in the Alzheimer’s Daughters Club. I know the other women in this group truly understand what I’m going through and how I’m feeling. And the best part is that I know they all care. We’re all in this storm together, helping each other and supporting each other. I’m so thankful for this safe place.”

Susan F.

“The Alzheimer’s Daughters Club has given me, not only a place to go where I feel understood and supported, but it’s also given me a group of women who feel like family. We share aspects of our life that we wouldn’t share with anyone else. It’s a safe space, a sanctuary, a sisterhood. It’s everything I didn’t know I needed and more.”

Danielle C.

“The Alzheimer’s Daughter’s Club is a safe space to learn about and cry about the disease no one ever thought would be a part of their lives. We also laugh and find solace in the good times. This group of amazing caregivers is lead by Lauren, who has been through the journey and is guiding us on ours. She challenges group members to see the positives and virtually hugs us through the tough times. I look forward to reading daily posts and seeing her live zooms. We are all friends and are always there for one another in this group. Don’t hesitate to join us!”

Amanda C.

“The Alzheimer’s Daughter’s Club is your sounding board and your cheerleader. So much real time information is shared across the group as we are all supporting different stages of the disease. Lauren is great at facilitating and listening to the needs of the group as well as the individuals. I’m so thankful for this group, and it’s reduced my need to seek other talk therapy because I get so much out of this gem of a group!”

Krista V.

“Support, encouragement, ideas and hope are offered by this intimate, private group. Lauren genuinely relates to people whose parent has (had) Alzheimer’s as she has walked this path. This club is a small investment to help one survive the sorrow and find renewed peace and balance in life.”

Carol D.