Hardship Is Not a Competition

I often felt guilty complaining about my situation when I knew there were so many people who had it worse.

At the same time, I often felt resentful of all the people I knew who had it better.

What I failed to realize is that it’s not a competition.

Caregiving is not a competition.

Hardship is not a competition.

Grief is not a competition.

This journey is hard enough.

No one needs a reminder to be grateful for what they have or had because other people have it worse.

No one needs to have their hardship diminished because they have it better than some others.

No one needs to add more layers of guilt and resentment to their already overflowing plate.

Always choose kindness and empathy over judgment and diminishment.

It’s not a competition.

So let’s stop competing.

(Photo from October 10, 2015. Mom passed on April 4, 2020.)

Hardship is not a competition.

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