A Final Love Note

(The post below was written on May 14, 2020. My mom passed on April 4, 2020.)

I went to my parents’ house today to visit my dad and help out with a few things.

While I was on my way, my sister texted me and asked if I could look for any of our Barbie stuff from when we were kids. She figured we had gotten rid of it all, but wanted me to check for her girls.

So after I finished helping my dad around the house, I went into the basement and began rummaging through a few storage bins.

I opened one bin to find a bunch of holiday decorations and I started pulling everything out, really looking through this bin. I’m not really sure why, considering I was looking for Barbie stuff and not holiday decorations. I guess I was just curious, so I kept digging.

Then right in the middle of all the decorations, I saw this envelope. Clearly a card from my mom to my dad. I opened it up and my heart just absolutely melted.

What I saw was just…perfection.

My mom lost the ability to write only a few years into her diagnosis. This had to have been the last anniversary card she was able to write to my dad. (Most likely 2013.)

And there it was, right in the middle of a bunch of holiday decorations in a random storage bin in their basement. A place no one would have ever thought to look except that my sister had asked me to look for our Barbie stuff today.

I gave it to my dad and he had tears in his eyes when he read it.

My mom must have known we would find it there someday.

And she must have wanted my dad to know how much she loves him today.

A final love note.

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