Ep 19: This Is How You Find Yourself

If last week’s episode about losing yourself resonated with you, then you are going to love this week’s episode about finding yourself. I believe the first step is to recognize that you are feeling lost and to understand how you got there. If you have not yet listened to last week’s episode, go back and listen to that one first.

Finding yourself is more about creating or becoming yourself. You can be whoever you want to be! You just have to decide who that is and then take action to get there. As someone who has been through this myself, I have a lot of great tips for you in this episode!

Click play to hear:

  • How to recognize if you are feeling lost and how you got there
  • What questions to start asking yourself to determine who you want to be
  • The importance of taking action and trying new things to get feedback
  • Why you should start speaking up and having an opinion even about the small things
  • How starting small can build momentum and lead to finding yourself in bigger ways

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