Ep 15: How to Recover From a Bad Day or Visit With Your Loved One

As you probably already know, there can be a lot more bad days than good when someone you love has Alzheimer’s or dementia. Unfortunately, there is no way to completely avoid having bad days or bad visits with your loved one. They are just a part of this difficult journey.

One bad day doesn’t have to lead to a string of bad days, but it can if you are unable to move past it. If you stay stuck in that one bad day and the feelings it produced, you are more likely to have more bad days. But if you can find ways to pull yourself out of it and move forward, then you will be able to recover from a bad day or a bad visit much quicker.

Click play to hear:

  • How reminding yourself that everything is temporary can help
  • My experience with having bad days or bad visits with my mom
  • Why it’s important to give yourself time to decompress after a bad day or visit
  • Examples of ways to pull yourself out of a dark place
  • Why you should set a time limit on your pity parties

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