Dementia Careblazers Ultimate Care Course

If you follow me on social media, then you know how much I love Dr. Natali of Dementia Careblazers. She is a board-certified geropsychologist who consistently provides a wealth of information and support to dementia caregivers on Facebook, Instagram, and her YouTube channel. I’m always amazed at how helpful her posts and videos are and I only wish I would have found her when my mom was still living with Alzheimer’s.

That’s why I want to let you all know that Dr. Natali is currently enrolling new members for her Ultimate Care Course. This course is designed to give you peace and confidence in your caregiving decisions, as well as support to deal with the many emotions involved, especially guilt and grief. Once you join, you will have lifetime 24/7 access to the online course so you can go at your own pace and on your own schedule. You will also have access to live Q&A sessions with Dr. Natali herself.

I’ve been working my way through the course myself and I can tell you it’s jam-packed with helpful, actionable tips to help you manage your caregiving journey. Her videos are so clear and concise, making it super easy to apply the information to your own life. It’s a life-changing course that will allow you to create a more positive caregiving experience rather than feeling stressed and burnt out all the time. I’ve seen many other more expensive courses that offer only a fraction of the value of this course. At $297, this course is a steal and I promise you it is worth so much more!

I highly recommend this course to anyone who is caring for a loved one with dementia. Your only regret will be that you didn’t sign up sooner! Enrollment closes on August 29th and the price will be increasing for the next course so please don’t let this opportunity pass you by! Click here to sign up today!

I can’t wait to hear about how this course changed your life and your caregiving journey!



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