Changing Your Perspective Won’t Change Your Circumstances, But It Will Change You

When I was in the thick of my mom’s Alzheimer’s, I often felt down, depressed, and hopeless. I mostly focused on all that I had lost and would continue to lose as my mom declined.

I would read things about being positive, finding joy, and hunting the good stuff and I would scoff.

How could that possibly help me?

Being positive wasn’t going to change anything.

Finding joy? What joy?

Hunting the good stuff? What good stuff?

My mom was dying slowly right before my eyes.

I didn’t want to change my perspective because I knew it wouldn’t change anything about my situation. I wanted my circumstances to change first and then I would change my perspective.

I was stubborn, but eventually I learned that’s not the way it works.

My circumstances weren’t going to change for the better. They were only going to get worse. And so was my outlook on life—if I let it.

The thing is that your perspective is one of the few things that you actually can control.

I know from experience that it is much easier to stay down in the muck forever than it is to pull yourself out of it. But the longer you stay stuck in it, the harder it will be to pull yourself out someday.

It takes consistent, daily effort to change your mindset. It’s a lot of work and it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll never slip back into your old ways.

But friends, it is so worth it.

Changing your perspective won’t change anything about your circumstances, but it will change you.

Stop fighting it.

Start here.

Start now.

You won’t regret it.

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Changing your perspective won’t change your circumstances, but it will change you.

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