Can You Change Your Way of Thinking?

I got really into personal development after my mom died.

I felt lost and confused.

I had no idea who I was or what I wanted.

For ten years, I had put everything off until “after,” but once I was in the “after,” all I could think to myself was “now what.”

So I started reading books and listening to podcasts about personal development and mindset and I was instantly hooked.

I have learned so much and I can honestly say it has changed my life.

In big ways and in small.

Small like this morning, for example.

I woke up feeling tired and slightly annoyed because I didn’t have a great night’s sleep.

I came downstairs, fed Lucy, and let her out to go potty.

I began to give myself a little pep talk about how I wasn’t going to focus on sleeping like shit or feeling annoyed.

Meanwhile, Lucy showed up at the back door, ready to come in.

Her feet were all wet and dirty and I knew I was going to have to spend several minutes cleaning them off before I could have my coffee.

It was just one of those annoying things and I could have so easily freaked out, but I didn’t. I grabbed the wet wipes we use and a towel and began cleaning her four little paws.

Almost immediately, I switched my thoughts to, “Someday I’m going to wish I had these four little paws to wipe off in the morning.”

Those of you who have been here for a while know that I used to have eight little paws to wipe off in the morning, but we lost our sweet Oakley last September.

And I live in almost constant fear of losing our sweet Lucy now.

So I always remind myself to be grateful for her even when she comes to the back door with dirty paws before I’ve had my coffee.

That’s what personal development has taught me.

To pause.

Find something to be grateful for.

And choose again.

Your first thought is not always your best thought, but you have the power to choose your next thought, so choose wisely.

I am amazed at how this has become my go-to way of thinking because it certainly hasn’t always been that way.

My five-years-ago self wouldn’t even recognize me today.

How can you apply this way of thinking throughout your day today?

Maybe someday it will be your go-to, as well.


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