The Alzheimer’s Daughters Club Is Now Open to Join!

When my mom was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s, I was only 25 years old. I was newly engaged and working my first full-time job out of college.

I didn’t know anything about Alzheimer’s and I didn’t know anyone with a parent who had it.

While all of my friends were reliving their college days, I was planning my wedding by myself and trying my best not to let anyone find out about my mom’s diagnosis.

I was embarrassed.
I was ashamed.
And I was scared.

I didn’t talk to anyone about it because I knew they wouldn’t understand. I didn’t want to be the Debbie Downer in the group either.

But damn, I was struggling.

I spent many afternoons sitting on the floor in a pile of dirty laundry, sobbing. I had never felt so alone.

After the first three years, I quit my full-time job and became a part-time caregiver for my mom.

While my friends were getting promotions and having babies, I was helping my mom find her way around her own house. I’ll never forget the day she called me to say she was lost in her own closet.

While my friends were always going out and having the time of their lives, my mom was handing me her used toilet paper after she used the bathroom.

And while it seemed like everyone else was moving forward, I felt like I was standing completely still.


But I failed to realize that I was actually doing the single most important thing I would ever do in my entire life.

I’m grateful that I was able to learn that lesson before it was too late and it completely changed my perspective on my mom’s Alzheimer’s.

I went from having to leave the room to cry every time I saw her to actually enjoying the time we spent together.

I believe that I had to suffer my way through my Alzheimer’s journey so that I could be here today to help you navigate your own.

I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I do think I have a few and I would love to walk this path with you.

As a member of the Alzheimer’s Daughters Club, you will receive weekly journal prompts, weekly Q&A’s, monthly group Zoom meetings, access to our private Facebook group, and a 10% discount on 1:1 mentoring sessions, but also so much more.


Once you sign up for the Alzheimer’s Daughters Club, you will never have to go through this alone again.

The membership is open to join now through Friday, May 20th.

I hope to see you there!

Join the Alzheimer’s Daughters Club today!

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  1. I think I accidentally subscribed twice to the daughter’s club. Just got an email that I was charged twice for it.

    Thanks, Abbie

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      1. I hope so, too! I can always add a third time option if it’s needed! Make sure you check your spam/junk email for the welcome email and join the Facebook group!

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