Beauty Can Be Found Amidst the Storm

The sky is turning dark. The clouds are rolling in. As you see the storm approaching, you might feel worried and scared.

Your stomach is in knots. Your voice catches in your throat. It’s hard to speak the words you know are true.

A bad storm is coming.

You hear the clap of thunder. You see the brilliant strikes of lightning. Both make you jump out of your skin.

You bravely walk into the storm anyway. You don’t have a choice. You must learn to weather the storm.

It’s here.

You’re in the thick of it now. The rain is pouring down all around you. There is no end in sight.

The lights flicker and go out. There’s no telling how long it will last. You look for candles and flashlights, anything to help guide you through.

The storm rages on.

You try to remain patient and calm. You take it one minute at a time. Before you know it, you’re somehow finding your way through the darkness.

You stop and look up for just a moment. You can’t help but notice the way the light from the candles is dancing around the room. You see the beautiful shadows being cast upon the wall.

That’s when it hits you.

There can be beauty amidst the storm.

This is Alzheimer’s.

Beauty amidst the storm.

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