On the First Anniversary of My Mom’s Death

One year.

It doesn’t seem possible.

I’ve learned so much since the day you died.

I’ve grown so much, too.

I’ve learned to cherish the little things that bring me joy, but also not to sweat the small stuff.

I’ve learned that life is short and precious and best spent pouring love into those you care about most in the world.

I’ve learned that the best way to keep your spirit and memory alive is to be the best parts of you — all the things I loved about you the most.

I’ve learned that my grief will never go away. It’s not about getting over it or moving past it, but moving forward to create a new life for myself.

I’ve learned that the sun shines brighter on the other side of the darkness and the sky looks bluer than it ever has once the rain finally stops falling.

I’ve learned that death is really just a part of life. You can’t numb yourself to it or you will numb yourself to all of the good stuff, too.

And perhaps most importantly, I’ve learned not to take anything or anyone for granted.

I am stronger, wiser, more resilient, and more grateful because of what I’ve been through, because of what I’ve lost.

Although I miss you terribly and I always will, I also know that you’re not really gone.

Today marks one year without you here on this earth, but I’ll never go one minute without you in my heart.

I am not motherless.

My mother simply lives in my heart now.

Always with me.

Always by my side.

Never far enough that I can’t reach you.

You are everywhere.

You are in everything that I do.

And I will do my best to go on living, honoring you every step of the way.

On the first anniversary of my mom’s death.

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